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October 2022 Celtic Fling

Click Image for full screen slide show

Entertainment Schedule 15th and 16th

Entertainment Schedule 22nd and 23rd


Enchanted Temptrest

Two Sisters Crochet

Maiden Glass

Freya Loki's

Sophie Kat Creations


Pens by Robert

Scottish Society of Louisville

High Heorot Fantasy Jewelry

Carma's Creations

The Smuggling Clasby

Little Ivy Sweets

The Crystsal Cottage

Dark Pony Art

Pops Woodworking

Lady Sophies

The Wooden Dragon

The Crafty Cloud

The Witches Wardrobe

Fairy Falls

Village House Coffee

Wayne's Enterprises

Amy's Cotton Candy

Sno-Cone Mania

With A Grain of Salt

Bell, Book & Candle

Graham Design

Solace Sparkles

Clark County Beekeepers

Dark Woods Apothecary

American Smokehouse Stadium

Haire's Rootbeer

Haire's Wares

The Rusty Cauldron

Chick With An Edge

Beanstalk Studio & Alescodun

Hedwig's Corner

Nuts of Ni & Honeychurch Witch

Miss Moss's Cottage

Karneval Masque

Wandrr Wares

Folkvsrdrs Heathen Supply

Lambert's Leather


Artfully Twisted

Candles by Jenn

The Soapy Ewe

Page & Plunder

The Dun Stag

As You Wish Custom


Stout Horn Crafters

Wicked Winglings

The Herbal Lady

Cozy Bad er Fiber Arts

Madi's Main Squeeze


Ortega Crafts

House Pozen

Witchy Wants

By My Hand Designs

Creatively Unique

Mar Concessions/BBQ

CJC Custom Jewels

Feral Findings KY

Swordmasters Challenge

Berkana Trading Company

More Than Just Soap

D's Custom Sewing

Froda Smida

Bucky Stuffe

Mystic Molding

Hunters Ridge Winery

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